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Video Conferencing Guide Ezine, Issue #005 -- Video Conferencing in prisons
April 01, 2013

Do you remember when you were choosing a college to go to? One (or a few) of your choices included the best schools.

In addition, they may have had a department with some of the best teachers in the nation. You may have had an interest in attending some of the same schools out of the country. One issue that may have prevented you from receiving the high quality education was distance.

Many individuals missed out on quality education by some of the best teachers in the world because they had no access to them. If you aren’t able to get to the location it wouldn’t matter the type of scholarships or how smart you were.

Now it is much easier to gain access to the best teachers in the world through video conferencing. More than half or colleges / universities in the world now have video education capabilities. Even more have distance education capabilities.

There has been at least a 30% increase in college graduates because of video conferencing education. Now if you need to obtain education overseas that you can only get in Australia, Japan or England or if you’re even trying to be a Road Scholar, video conferencing has made that accessible.

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