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Video Conferencing Guide Ezine, Issue #003 -- Home Video Conferencing
January 01, 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Holidays may be a popular time for you to get together . . . especially Christmas and Thanksgiving.

You may have a tradition that have been going on for years whether it be a certain dish that is prepared or a special prayer that is done before you eat.

Unfortunately some of us or our children have to go away for jobs, join the military or go to college.

In such case there were two individuals by the name of Shawn and Tori Harrison. Shawn is going to film school in Canada while Tori is working in California. Neither of them could make it back home for the holidays.

However, the tradition was continued by their parents preparing Thanksgiving meal and contacting them through Skype and setting the video conferencing device at their place at the dinner table. That way they can view everything as they were actually there.

Home Video Conferencing was used more frequently by a considerable amount of people during holiday season within the past few years. Even years before that (80’s and 90’s) we were limited by high long distance rates which resulted in low quality phone calls due to the fact that they were rushed.

The personable aspect of video chat is needed by families in order to feel emotions as if you are really there. You just can’t get that with a phone call. Facial reaction body language and non-verbal signs are one thing that make a conversation come to life.

Since 90% of communication is non-verbal, it makes it that much more pleasing when you can see and virtually experience family gatherings with your loved ones.

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