Video Conferencing Guide Ezine, Issue #007 -- Telemedicine
June 01, 2013

Telemedicine is becoming a growing aspect of video conferencing. Examples of this are surgeries through scopes or surgeons giving operational and procedural instructions to other surgeons for remote locations. The questions most of you may ask yourselves is, “Do I trust it?”

Concerns that may also come up are:

If you grew up in the 60’s or 70’s, you may be so accustomed to in person treatment, paying cash, or writing checks. The more technology gets involved, the more uncomfortable and uneasy you may feel.

Regardless of how comfortable or uncomfortable you may feel, telemedicine is making its presence felt in large medical institutions nationwide. This method of treatment is proving its effectiveness in providing prompt and low risk care to patients needing it.

In approximately 10 years you will experience telemedicine in one form or another in your place of treatment.

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