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Video Conferencing Guide Ezine, Issue #006 -- Video Conferencing in prisons
May 01, 2013

IT IS HERE! If you haven’t seen video conferencing at banks and ATM ‘s yet expect to see it soon. The banking institutions that have it now are Bank of America and Seven Seventeen.

At some of them, when you enter, you may see a booth with a screen and a phone. There may be a few deposit slips, pens, etc. To activate most systems you would need to:

  1. Pick up the phone.

  2. Once you pick up the phone, you

  3. May hear it ring until someone picks up
  4. You will see them on the screen and then continue to conduct your transaction like you are at the drive though.

There is a vacuum that you and the teller with use to pass deposits withdrawals and inquiries through.

You will see more of these kinds of transactions because of convenience for the customers and staff. However, many may not see it as a convenience because they are not technology savvy.

Video conferencing at a bank is a money saving feature and has the potential to cut down on expenses.

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