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Video Conferencing Guide Ezine, Issue #002 -- teaser here
October 01, 2012

If you are new to Video Conferencing (or have been Video Conferencing for a while) you may want to take advantage of the helpful hints below.This can ensure that you have a professional Video Conferencing experience.

Often wen you are in front of a video screen you may tend to do things you wouldn't do if you were in front of the person you are communicating with. This is because you get the subconscious impression that they aren't really there.

Remember, unless you have an excellent rapport with the person(friends or family) it's in your best interest to keep your image professional.

5 Video Conferencing Etiquette Tips

  1. Eating - Even though you may be within the luxury of your own home, please try your best to refrain from eating. It might satisfy your hunger or make you feel better at the moment, but from the other end it looks like you may unpolished and incompetent in the message you are trying to get accross.

  2. Attire - If you're at home, it may feel like a day off. Therefore it may be enticing to dress down or dress casual. Remember the occasion you are conferencing for and dress accordingly. You don't want to have a business meeting with professional business clients and they see you in pajamas. You may come across as someone who's not serious about the goal that is being accomplished.
  3. Background Noise - If your business colleagues are talking to you via Video Conferencing you want the attention on you, not a giant poster of your favorite band hanging up behind you. What is most recommended is a solid color backdrop. The color should preferably be neutral.
  4. Bodily Awareness - 90% of communication is non verbal. Therefor when communicating via Video Conferencing you have to be aware of your subconscious actions.

    For example:

    • Yawning
    • Nail Biting
    • Eating
    • Eye Rolling
    • Snarling of the lips
    • Subconscious Hand Gestures

  5. Eye Contact - It is very difficult to give the guest eye contact through the video while looking directly at the screen. However, it is an attention grabber.

    In order to do this, look directly at the eye of the camera instead of the screen. The person on the other end will get the impression that you"re giving them eye contact.

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