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The impact of video conferencing at a business conference

A business conference is a gathering when there is a group of people from several businesses (or sometimes one business) meet.

The purpose of you attending the meeting is to discuss business matters that you as a group have in common.

The topics can be anything from "How to shake hands" to "How to stay motivated".

Or the purpose could be to display products to targeted and interested customers.

In some cases these meetings serve as a way to "clear the air" or in other words solve disagreements between two or more companies or departments within a company.


Ultimately the participation in a conference usually happens through technology using telecommunications or computers.

The use of Video Conferencing at business conferences

Conference calls or video conferencing are ways to cut costs.

It also helps to find ways around meetings that take up too much time.

In todays business world, business conferencing is considered very important . . . especially among big businesses.

Big businesses are usually seen as businesses or corporations who have more than 500 employees.

A very simple way to communicate with your networks all at the same time is business conferencing. If you want to save money, do video / audio conferencing during your meeting or convention.

The impact of a business conference

The power of a conference is nearly unexplainable. Some conferences will have you leave with a feeling that you can take over the world (or so to speak).

I am a representative of an organization. This particular organization (as well as others) has local, regional and national conferences.

  • Local conference meetings are good for a small group of people to stay knowledgeable on current events and training.

  • Regional conference meetings usually include all representatives / employees in that region.

    This usually consists of regional speakers recognitions, training material etc.

  • The National business conference includes the whole national body of the organization that has anywhere from thousands to millions of people depending on the size of your organization.

    This may include the president, C.E.O., Vice Presidents, representatives and employees from other countries.

There are motivational speakers, trainings, occasional entertainment, promotions, recognitions, product introductions, and training material for sale.

They may also have a surprise guest on stage or video conference. It's nearly impossible not to see a business conference necessary for employee / representative production.