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How video conferencing impacts business continuity

Business Continuity is when your business continues to operate effectively regardless of setbacks. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the meaning of "Continuity" is, "Uninterupted duration or continuation without essential change".

Some different ways you can ensure the continuity of your business are:

  • System Backups
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Annual Testing
  • Help Desks
  • Back up Generators
  • Project Management

Problem Solving with Video Conferencing

A cost-saving method for continuing with normal operations of your business is Video Conferencing. This is VERY effective when disaster strikes. Imagine this scenario:

life saving float and files

  1. What would happen if you have a time sensitive meeting with very important individuals?
  2. In addition, this meeting is out of the country and you're negotiating a 6 figure deal and your flight gets cancelled?
  3. Suppose it will be approximately 8 months before you get another meeting.

What else can add to this Dis-Continuity of your business?

Implementing a system for the continuation of your business is not Disaster Recovery. Disaster Recovery is when a system is in place to recover from a disaster. Business Continuity is when a system is in place to prevent that disaster from happening.

Your ability to STILL have a meeting conduct business as usual, for the duration of the dis-continuity, would be ideal. It also speaks highly of you as a problem solver and your strengths to meet your customers needs in times of crisis.

Creates Productivity

If you have a good Business Continuity System in place, your level of productivity will improve by huge percentages. The main reason is because your organization spends more time actually being productive and less time performing damage control activities.

Most organizations still like to have meetings face to face. You may feel more comfortable being able to literally reach out and touch someone. It feels natural to MANY people. Also when you needed information in the past you went to the library. When you had to make a phone call you used the pay phone, or house phone.

I still use the house phone and visit the library on occasion. You may still do the same. Nevertheless there is a chance that you use your cell phone and internet more than the previous mentioned traditional methods.

It is all about convenience. Video Conferencing may not be needed 24 hours a day / 7 days a week but it is a business saver when things don't go as planned.