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Glance Networks

Glance Networks is another video conferencing software company that offers web conferencing and desk top sharing. This company is located in Arlington Massachusetts and headed by Mr. Rich Baker who is the founder and CEO.( Chief Executive Officer).

In case you do not know what desktop sharing is, it is the ability to log in to your (or another person’s) computer while you are at another location.

This is most common in web conferencing, big businesses, or colleges and universities.

As technology improves, this proves as a major convenience for you if you work in one of the previous mentioned settings.

Real Time collaboration (a feature of Glance) is similar to web conferencing. This feature allows you to conference with other users who are in there separate areas for purposes of workshops, webinars, and small businesses.

The fact that Glance Network has web conferencing capabilities, some of the features that they offer are:

  1. Online workshops
  2. Point to Point communications
  3. Multicast communications
  4. Text based messages

Glance Networks is a cross platform program. This means that it can run on several different operating systems. Mainly operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Even though Glance works with all operating systems doesn’t mean that it cannot be effective when you and your customer / client use the same operating systems. How this benefits you is if you are training (or being trained), participating in a web conference, you can be on a Mac/Apple computer while the person or group you are collaborating with is using Windows or Linux.

Glance is a subscription based program which affords you the opportunity to use it on a daily or a yearly basis.

This company is known for its awards and achievements which includes:

  • Product to Watch for Award in year 2007 from Small Business Magazine
  • Bostons Hottest Companies List in 2010 in Lead 411