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Google Talk Download

Google Talk download is a video conferencing as well as a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) application that is free of charge available for your use.


This application can be used with several different devices.

For example, the devices derived by BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Android, or Nokia model N900 (where you can receive the Nokia phone with Google Talk preloaded on it).

Google Talk is also available for use with Gmail where you can send a message to your friends and family if they do, in fact, have Gmail.


As far as using Google Talk, you don't have to download it to send email to Gmail accounts. Google also has the ability to allow file sharing. With this you are able to send audio messages up to 10 (ten) minutes to clients.

These files (messages) are in mp3 format which makes streamable. Speaking of sending messages, you also have the capability of sending offline messages.

You can record your message and send it to your business partner, friends or family offline. When they get back online the message will be waiting for them.

Google talk download has a very limited text format ability that is restricted to bold and italic.


Aside from that, Google Talk Gadget was created by Google to allow you to communicate with anyone from anywhere as long as they have Adobe Flash on their system.

Google Talk was created by the developers of Google and had a release date of August 2005. However, their stable release was November of 2007.

The leadership consists of Larry Page and Sergey Brin who are both Founders with Page also as Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.).

  • Eric Schmidt - Executive Chairman
  • Patrick Pichette - Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • David Drummond - Senior Vice President and CLO (Chief Legal Officer
  • Nikesh Arora - Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer

Eric Scmidt and Sergey Brin are also on Google's Board of Directors.