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Stickam.com is a privately held streaming video conferencing company that was founded in February 2005. The founder / owner is Waturu Takashashi.

The Co Founder Hideki Kishioka and the Chairman is Pamela Day.

This company is located in Los Angeles California.

This company's owner, Advanced Video Communications, Inc., was also founded in 2004 and located in Los Angeles.

Advanced Video Communications, Inc.

Advanced Video Communications develops internet solutions. With that responsibility they offer services in Video Chat, eCommerce, and advanced technologies. Their target markets are primarily Asian.


This company has attracted over 80,000 users. It also has gained popularity because it is different than other traditional video conferencing companies.

This is because they offer video chat by live stream along with pictures, audio, and video. These features are used by personal users and professional users from CBS to MTV. The main feature that is used is the live streaming video.


Some of the features on Stickam.com include:

  • Debate Rooms - These are reserved only for people to deliberate, debate, or discuss certain topics. However these rooms are only accessible certain times of the day

  • Pay Per Live - this gives users the ability to watch pay-per-view shows live online.

  • Musicians - This company has the ability to partner with musical bands and artists to provide live streaming of their shows and recordings. They currently have a contract with one of the largest indoor music festivals in America.


They have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who attempts to abuse the site with nudity, bullying, or harassment. You risk being banned for life if you are caught doing any of those previous act.

The minimum age you have to be to register for Stickam.com lasted more than 14 years. However they have a group of advisors who monitor the traffic of their site very closely.

There have not been may complaints from this site. Users have the ability to set their own safety settings.