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Top Video Conferencing Software of 2014

We've put together a list of the top Video Conferencing Software of 2014, so you won't miss out on a good thing.

Need to connect to an overseas client? Fed up of taking client calls all the time over phones?

These top of the line software solutions are designed to make your remote business meetings and around the world personal communications easier, while keeping everything at a high quality connection.

And did I mention, they are highly affordable?


The name says it all; Speek is a super advanced yet super simple video conferencing software for people who are looking for a visual interface.

You can use a personal or business link on Speek and use the software to share files, connect with people on video conferencing as well as see who's joined.

Basically, Speek is a no nonsense software which does not involve the use of frivolities.


If you are looking for a high definition subscription based software, then this is the best conferencing tool for your use.

It not only increases the efficiency of your corporate communications but also helps you easily engage with your clients, peers, and other people who you need to be in touch with.

Auralink lets you link close to 50 attendees at the same time, and also lets you share applications in a few easy moves.

DaCast Web Conferencing

digital world

This is probably the first online software which offers SaaS facility.

It offers a complete solution for all video conferencing needs and has its association with an inbuilt cloud facility.

Along with that, it also offers high definition broadcasting and paywall integration.

Enjoy conducting large trade shows, conferences and other meetings on a large scale with this monetized software.

Secure Conference

You can hold high level webinars, online meetings, engaging trainings as well as large scale meetings.

Everything is possible, all thanks to Secure Conference. You can carry on a video conference with close to 5000 people at the same time, all thanks to this ultimate software.


Jitsi is compatible with Windows, MAC OS and Linux and offers some very lucrative options for people who want to use it in combination with Yahoo messenger and AIM text chat.

It encourages nightly updates to the existing software and offers some very good options, especially, when it comes to multi protocol software.

Cisco WebEx

If you know anything about video conferencing software, then you probably already know about Cisco Webex. You can share your desktop with the Cisco WebEx software as well as use its extensive VoIP features to make and receive calls.

However, if you are looking for HD video conferencing features, then you would need to pay for the extra services.

These were some of the top notch video conferencing software for the year.

In our opinion, the Top Video Conferencing Software of 2014 out of the above would be DaCast Web Conferencing - simply because of its capacity to take on large conferences or seminars while still maintaining a high definition connection.

We still recommend you check out the other top video conference software listed above for yourself as most of them have a trial version to download and can range in subscription pricing.

It's always good to see if you find them suitable to your own hardware configurations and ensures that you have high quality video conferencing for your business dealings or personal use.